Crank #7


The arrival of Crank #7 surprised quite a few people. I hadn't been heard from in about 3 years. No zine writing. Very little correspondence. But I'd never stopped thinking about Crank #7; I always planned to go out with a final issue. I just never got to working on it.

I spent about 6 months straight writing it. Some pieces had already been kicking around; others which had been planned two years prior died the death of the stale. Because I wasn't in a position to pony up several thousand dollars to print a couple thousand copies--and because, quite frankly, I'm no longer interested in participating in 3000+ copies tier of zine-making--I decided instead to produce a small batch of printed magazines, and then count on the website to provide wider exposure.

So I made 265 copies of Crank #7. I sold 75 via the website, and sent 75 copies to See Hear and 25 to Atomic Books (the original plan called for 50 copies to each outlet, but Atomic announced their closing just before I shipped them out; I still gave Scott 25 to sell, as he already had some advance orders).

The covers were sheets of aluminum held together with a strip of black duct tape. The guts were xeroxed (on white and yellow paper--white for new material, yellow for the reprints of issues 1-3). They were drilled on my coffeetable, and then hand-bound with hemp. Hemp because it's cheap and durable, not because I've got something to say.