Crank #5



Crank #5 was the first issue produced in New York City. I was working full-time as the studio manager for an ad agency in town. Not the worst job in the world, but not something I cared to pursue much longer. In fact, if I recall correctly, I quit the job shortly after printing issue #5.

Amy and I were living together, and doing well enough. We'd made a decent circle of friends, and were enjoying the city. Little did we know that these would be the mid-years of our relationship.

There are a few people I've lost touch with from those days. I suppose I could quite easily track them down--and I intend to, one of these days--but if anyone can inform Brett Martin (still of Crypt Records?) and Jeremy Braddock (formerly of Verbivore) that I'm looking for them, I'd be deeply indebted.

These have been odd years, these last few. I've done things I never imagined I would (initiating a marriage that I knew was destined for divorce, even as I walked down the aisle), and forgotten many friends and ideals I once held as important.


(Late in 95)