Crank #4



I hit my stride with Crank #4. Written over the winter of 1993-1994--which was nasty as I recall--it marked the last issue produced in Philadelphia. It also reflected most of what I was about at the time: hard boozing, mocking the untalented without mercy and honest self-evaluation.

Shortly after the issue was printed and distributed, I moved to New York City with my then-girlfriend, Amy. We lived together a couple years--during which time I produced issues #5 and #6--and then got married in April, 1998. We split up in December, 1999.

My favorite pieces in Crank #4 are the Poetry Slams. Cruel and heartless, yes, but still funny as hell. This was also the first cover that Dennis McGee illustrated, which was an incredible change for the better in the quality of Crank.


(Spring, 95)